A Farewell to Summer

Parting is such sweet sorrow, especially to the most amazing summer that we can recall, but I welcome autumn with open arms. 

Autumn is a natural time for fresh starts. Children return to school, some people begin a new hobby or embark on a fitness regime. These autumn goals are much less pressure driven than their New Year's resolution 'cousins!'

It is also a time to think inside the box (i.e. your house!) as we spend less time outdoors and more time in our dwellings.  As the days get shorter it is time to light up the fireplace, start reading a substantial novel, crack open cook books, and think about all of the lovely family celebrations ahead (Thanksgiving, Halloween, Hannukah, Christmas).

It is a time to 'fluff' the feathers in the home nest, pull out duvets and throws, pillows, and light candles for an extra touch of warmth.  

Yes, summer is a wonderful season, yet it is autumn that makes me want to sing Elton John's "the good old country comfort in my bones."  Scarecrows, the fall harvest, crisp leaves, the smell of smoke from a distant fire, and plenty of feasting and gatherings, this is the season of feeling truly connected to home. 

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