T'was the week before Christmas...

Let's take a collective deep breath - Christmas is speeding towards us like the Polar Express. How are you feeling? Are you the extra organized type who has wrapped all of your gifts, decorated the house, baked tins of gorgeous cookies, and is joyfully sitting back and awaiting the big day? 

Or are you feeling a little down to the wire, as the days are vanishing and you haven't managed to go shopping yet? I have come across both 'types' in the last few days. Kudos to everyone is is organized and a big 'hang in there' to everyone who is still in the other camp.  

I am feeling a mix of both worlds. Just when I think I am somewhat organized and pat myself on the back for having done some shopping, mailing off parcels, and writing some Christmas cards, surprise, it turns out there were a few people still to be accounted for, more cards to be written, presents to be wrapped and stockings to be stuffed!  Once those 'minor' details are taken care of there is a house to be stocked full of food for the days leading up to and following Christmas and some holiday baked goods are always required for unexpected guests….
At Pieces we continue to see shoppers who are excited, some who are a little frazzled (and that's okay!) but all of us have one common denominator, we are headed towards one of the most anticipated and emotion-filled days of the year.
In the midst of shopping, prepping, baking, visiting, office parties, take a minute to pause and sit down quietly, whether you choose to read, knit, listen to music, sing some holiday songs, play a board game, warm your toes by the fire or watch a holiday special on television.
There is one thing we can count on -  it will all come together, it always does!
Have a very happy Christmas.

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