The Maple Leaf Forever

Although we are occasionally stereotyped as a nation of nice folk who say "sorry" every chance we get, and as "eh" sayers, there is a side of Canadians that gets overlooked and that is our strong sense of patriotism. While it may not be blatant, as it has a somewhat gentle Canadian element attached to it, it rises to the surface when the Olympics roll around and we see ourselves represented against the creme de la creme of international athletes. 

 Ultimately I think we can all imagine ourselves in some capacity, whizzing down a ski slope, dancing powerfully on the ice, shooting and scoring that winning goal, and standing on the podium with a bronze, silver or gold medal hanging around our neck. Moreover, there is nothing more inspiring than hearing the national anthem during that glorious moment of pride where we all live vicariously through the winner. It is enough to bring a tear to even the toughest Canadian's eyes.

Regardless of how many medals are brought home, we are proud of each and every Canadian athlete who worked tirelessly to get to the Olympic Games, and whether they made it or not, they are all champions. Bravo!

Pieces represents so many talented Canadian artists and designers, and we feel exceptionally proud to be connected to the heart and soul of this great and diverse land. 

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