Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

One of the most loved seasons is almost upon us, and with an early burst of sunny weather it feels like we have already had a bit of a head start. 

It must be something innately wired in us all, this 'call to the wild' where we feel magnetically attracted to head outdoors and get in touch with nature. Make hay when the sun shines, as they say. Tap into the sunny season because we know it is fleeting. 

Out comes the seasonal furniture, give the barbecue some TLC, pull out the tiki torches, tidy up the garden - company's coming!

It is time to host friends over a glass of wine, beer or homemade lemonade, appetizers, your favourite salad and grilled goodies. Wow them with your maple glazed bbq salmon recipe, or a portobello mushroom burger, as you savour the warm evenings until a slight chill comes along after the sun has dipped away and the stars twinkle above. 

Oil cloth tablecloths have arrived at Pieces.  The vibrant images are bursting with fruits and florals, and all cry out, "Welcome summertime!"  They are great indoors, on your patio table, or in the biggest 'backyard' of them all - if you are heading off on a camping adventure.  An empty campsite with a picnic table awaits to be claimed and made your own with special touches - and a tablecloth will create that instant feeling of 'we're home!'

Happy Almost Summer!

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