Cosmic Cate Has Arrived to Save Steveston From Crows!

The background story on Cosmic Cate from Pieces team member Jill Hall (our great friend/designer/artist) on the intergalactic scarecrow she has created for Pieces for the 2015 Stevetson Scarecrow Crawl:

 Presenting Cosmic Cate and the Evil Crowulans (flying marauders from the galaxy of the Romulans). She's the space skater girl, Defender of crops and fields. While battling a Crowulan bombarding her in his spaceship overhead, she jumps on the flying saucer of another and rides it to victory! 

She even has a ray gun with sound and lights. She's made of almost all recycled items, comes apart in 5+ pieces for easy moving and has 3 moving sections. Here's the recycling that went into her: a wooden post stand, vintage life preserver, fat wooden post, 2 oar ends, vintage farm wheel and 2 metal cart wheels, styrofoam float, 2 metal door knobs, 4 hinges, shop vac hose, 90 yards of wool, wire, filigree metal plate for eyelashes, 2 crows, 2 paper plates, plastic jewels, tupperware, stick, cast iron star, plastic stool, springform cake surround, stainless steel bowl, round metal table top, top of a binnacle off of a ship, brass flanges, wooden spool, tiny oil can for a Crowulan space hat, plastic beads, mini lights, black plastic table cloth, brass hook, Value Village gloves, an old pair of Converse running shoes and a fair bit of craziness. Please vote for her by liking her on the Steveston Scarecrow page:

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