Fog Blog

Steveston (which I have temporarily renamed Fogston) has been under a blanket of low cloud for a week now. 

It has been interesting to hear people's reaction to this change in weather. Some love the fog horn, others can't stand it. The lack of sun casts a bit of a damper on things, however, with the mist hanging in the air it is also painting some lovely pictures. 

Spiderwebs are everywhere! It is amazing to see them suspended in places one would never think to look. They must always be there, but this spritz of mist is needed to truly see how busy spiders are from their ground level webs, all the way up to the top of trees where they are gently swaying.

Evenings take on a magical quality as the fog sets in more heavily, creating a mood so perfect the week before Hallowe'en. 

The sound of the fog horn is a comforting reminder of our location so close to the river, in this truly unique waterfront village.