Girls' Night Out in Steveston - Thursday November 28, 2013

The much anticipated night of the year has arrived! This is the 3rd annual Girls' Night Out, which the Steveston Merchants Association board of directors dreamt up in 2011, but we had no idea it would be this successful!  

It is so exciting to see women take to the streets of Steveston in droves, as they patronize local restaurants and get a head start on their Christmas shopping ('one for them, one for me…'). Steveston comes alive on this magical night, and the festive image of holiday shopper conjures up a Dickens-like small town Christmas with stores beautifully decorated and windows lit up, with plenty of revelry added in for good measure!

We welcome our loyal customers to Pieces, and eagerly look forward to making the acquaintance of new friends as well. 

Enjoy your night out on the town, ladies, you deserve it!