The Invasion of the Scarecrows

Their baaack!  The 4th annual Steveston Scarecrow Crawl started today and it looks like the 2013 offerings are going to be spectacular. 

I am on the board of the Steveston Merchants Association. Four years ago we brainstormed ideas to create a month long event that would increase visits to the village during the month of October.  We looked at other small communities that share similar attributes to Steveston (either waterfront locales, or situated close to farmland) and what model we might 'massage' to benefit our community, and voila, one of the most iconic symbols of autumn cried out to us - the scarecrow.  If we built scarecrows, we speculated, 'they' (the shoppers/diners) would come.  

We challenged our membership to theme a scarecrow to their business, and the creative business people of Steveston village rose to the challenge with flying colours.  For four years we have seen this popular event grow, and along with the increase in scarecrows the imaginations of our talented merchants have risen like a thermometer.

Hail the mighty scarecrow which has the power to protect crops AND attract captivated audiences who delight in 'crawling' through the village to see works of art lurking outside so many businesses!